The Art of Fearless Intimacy

A Weekend-Long Deep-Dive into the Art of Loving Fiercely and Fearlessly with Kendra Cunov and John Wineland

In this 3-day Immersion, we will teach you how to {immediately} elevate your relating in any moment, and learn to circulate love & sexual energy through your body in ways THAT WILL CHANGE YOU FOREVER.

Kendra & John are the only people I would trust to hold a safe space when going this deep into sensuality, tantra, grief and rage. They have an ability to hold the vast array of experiences in a big room while still creating an incredibly intimate and immersive embodied experience. I think every person – single, dating, and married – needs more of this healing yoga of intimacy.

—Nadia M.

“The past few days at home have been wonderful. I feel a sense of calm and grounding that is completely new for me, and it is eliciting wonderful emotions in my wife and daughter. My wife and I are feeling a level of love and connection that has been lacking in our relationship for years. I want to express my profound gratitude to John and Kendra, and to all of the people who helped to create a space that allowed a group of people to practice deep and meaningful human connection.”

—Oliver B.

You will leave with embodied practices & communication tools, and we will have plenty of time for personalized, in-the-moment feedback throughout the weekend. 

For The Feminine

  • Learn how to communicate deep desires in a way that evokes passion and presence in your partner

  • Learn how to run pleasure through your body that is irresistible to the masculine

  • Learn to create a deep relationship with your own yearning heart and desire to be cherished and ravished

  • Learn to offer your heart in any moment, in a way that not only feels deeply authentic, but also creates more intimacy, even when you’re angry, hurt, jealous or heart-broken

  • Master the art of sexual polarity in any moment

  • Learn to reveal and gift taboo desires and dark sexual energy in service of love

For The Masculine

  • Learn how to lead your relationship powerfully from a place of embodied integrity and love

  • Learn the physical and meditative practices that make you more trustable as a lover and romantic partner

  • Learn to take your sex to a deeper level by mastering the arts of polarity and masculine leadership

  • Learn to use presence, depth and power to claim your partner’s heart, body and soul

  • Learn how to transmute your partner’s complaint into divine surrender

  • Learn how to master the art of command and make the exploration of dark sexual energy a sacred and sublime experience

I stepped into the workshop uncertain of my relationship with my partner. I craved a depth of connection with him that didn’t seem to be available to me. Stepping out of the workshop, I realized how much of myself I was working tirelessly at hiding due to old traumas and wounds. I found compassion for myself and for my partner. I surrendered to being seen and loved and in the revealing of that, I found everything was possible.

—Molly A.

“The Art of Fearless Intimacy was truly transformative in every sense of the word. I came in with high expectations, wanting to transform how I show up for my wife of 10 years. On top of that, I decided to attend alone to get real, unfiltered feedback and growth.

This workshop blew these expectations away completely and utterly. Over the weekend John and Kendra were able to expand my capacity for love, stillness, gratitude, fear, sadness, and joy, and did it while creating a safe, sacred space for practice, failure and learning.

If you’re even thinking this workshop might be for you, it is. It will expand your capacity for deep human connection in any relationship.”

—Travis S.

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