Last week I got my cell phone bill and it was distinctly higher than usual.

I double-checked my last few bill amounts and glanced through the bill itself, but couldn’t find the reason for the increase, so I called Verizon.

The gentleman who helped me was very nice and let me know the increase was due to an international call I’d made to Canada (Hi Tad – I love you!).

I had honestly forgotten Canada was a foreign country and that ‘charges may apply’.

So, I thanked the Verizon guy and he asked their canned question about ‘was there anything else he could do to make my experience awesome?’

And I laughed and said half joking, ‘not unless you can remove the charge from my bill.’

And he did.

I was *this* close to just saying ‘no, you’ve been very helpful’ and just paying the bill. I mean, it *was* my mistake.

I think it helped that I wasn’t demanding anything.

Just asking and I would have been totally fine if he’d said there wasn’t anything he could do.

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