I am no longer surprised when I think of a friend & they call me 3 minutes later.

I am no longer surprised when a colleague connects me to a powerful creator & it turns out he has been collaborating with my ex-husband.

I am barely surprised when a new friend (from Berlin) tells me I remind her of another dear friend….and that friend turns out to be an old friend of mine.

Because 3 years ago I placed an add for a nanny & made a passing reference to speaking Portuguese, and into our lives walked the most magic woman ever, who also happened to be Brazilian.

Because just as I am actively creating what is next for my son WRT schooling, I FINALLY have a full conversation with a woman I’ve been in an intimate mastermind with for the past year & find out that, not only do she & I have the EXACT same children, but she is working with an innovator in education to create the first non-location-specific, global schooling program.

Because the fact that we ran into traffic (and everything took longer than we planned for) on the way to Yosemite last summer meant that we were in exactly the right spot at the right time (to the minute) to bump into the old climbing buddy who pointed us to THE most MAGICAL campsite EVER – down to not having a single mosquito!!

Because, honestly, my life runs on Magic.

Just not the kind you sit around & wait to hit you.
The kind you actively open yourself to the flow of…and then EVERYTHING becomes easier than you could ever have imagined.

The kind of Magic you can practice & learn & cultivate.

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