One of the questions I find women have the hardest time answering is:

What do you want?

This is also one of the most vital questions for a woman to know the answer for – for herself.
In order to thrive.
In order to be truly alive.

Two main blocks I see & hear from women around this question are:

1. Relying, instead, on complaint.
2. Falling into the ‘in order to’ trap.

To the first: Underneath every complaint is a desire. Dig until you find the pure gold of your True Desire.
Yes, this is scary.
Yes, it is vulnerable.
It is true, you still might not get what you (think you) want.

Do it anyway.
Because it is the only way.
Because you already know the pain of living a pretend life & it is no life at all.

To the second: It is never really true that we must give up our dreams ‘in order to’ have what we (think we) want.

It just isn’t.

Stop pretending that you are on the path to your dreams through someone else’s dreams.

Find your own & follow them.
Follow them with passion.
Follow them with heart.
Follow them when it’s scary as hell.

Just follow them.

With Love,

*Inspired by writing from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Women Who Run With the Wolves)
“To detour off this polarized path, a woman has to surrender the pretense. Sneaking a counterfeit soul-life never works. It always blows out the sidewall when you’re least expecting it. Then it’s misery all around. It’s better to get up, stand up, no matter how homemade your platform, and live the most you can, the best you can, and forgo the sneaking of counterfeits. Hold out for what has real meaning and health for you.”


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