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1. If you were to look back in one years time & say, “Holy sh*t! Working with Kendra was the turning point that changed everything.” What has to have happened -personally & professionally- for you to feel totally thrilled with the progress you’ve made?
(Get specific: What are you doing? Who else is there? What does your life actually look like? How do you feel?)(required)

2. What is your Secret Dream? The one you barely dare to whisper? The one that seems impossible? But, if you were to achieve it, would change everything?(required)

3. What is the One Thing you could do today to bring you one step closer to that Dream?

4. What are your Secret Superpowers? aka Your Zone of Genius? aka The things you do so well & come so naturally, they don’t even occur as skills to you?

5. What is something that would surprise me about you?